Sunset on Bua River

Imagine! It is dusk and you are sitting on the deck of your luxury safari tent with a cool drink. Directly in front of you are the Bua River and the wilderness on the opposite bank. To the west the reds and gold of the setting sun are reflected in the river’s pools. A fish breaks the mirror surface of the water. A bushbuck barks. The paraffin lamp hanging in the stately tree beside your deck casts a warm orange glow. There is silence apart from the river, the frogs (and the bushbuck!). Not another person in sight. You feel you are alone in the wild!

This is the atmosphere we have created in Bua River Lodge – the Wilderness on your Doorstep.

Island A

Accommodation is provided in six purpose-made, luxury safari tents, erected on varnished wooden floors and shaded by thatched roofs. Large mosquito-netted windows, ventilation flaps and screen doors, ensure that even on the hottest day the tents stay cool inside. Each is located to ensure seclusion and to engender a feeling of solitude. Each has an extensive viewing deck to the front, that overlooks the beautiful Bua River. Much of the furniture has been made by local artisans and, in many cases, constructed from dead hardwood trees found within the lodge site.

Each unit has an open-air but very private bathroom (toilet, hot water showers and wash basins) to the rear.

All accommodation is reached by walking, but never more than 300 metres from the main lodge. The footpaths are patrolled by lodge staff and lit with paraffin lanterns to guide you back to your room at night.

Please note that the lodge is reached by a steep and rather rough path from the car park and, further, that all rooms are widely separated and some almost 300 meters from the lodge. Many rooms are reached by a number of steps, the bathrooms are often on one or two different levels (and are open air). This being the case, the elderly and people with mobility difficulties may find the lodge rather challenging.

The Bua River in February

Three classes of accommodation - Island, Riverside and Hillside - are on offer to suit all budgets.

In addition, our camp site is located at the original Bua Camp, shaded by evergreen, riverine forest trees, on the banks of the river. Flushing toilets and hot showers, a braai area and free firewood, a shaded deck and small kitchen are available.

We also offer backpacker accommodation with river views in rooms at the camp site. One double and one twin are currently on offer, with plans to expand.

Please note that due to current acute water shortage caused by last season's poor rains, the camp site and backpackers' accommodation is temporarily closed. Sorry!