The summit of Chipata Mountain

Bua River Lodge is all about relaxation. Getting away from it all.

But we all relax in different ways. For some, bliss is chilling in a hammock with an ice-cold gin and tonic. For others it is walking through the wilderness tracking a herd of elephant. For still others, standing quietly at the edge of a calm pool, casting for Mpasa, while the trees on the opposite bank catch the first rays of the morning sun is the ideal way to spend a weekend. Whatever your chosen method for finding relaxation in the bush, Bua River Lodge aims to satisfy.

Full moon on the Bua River

Do you enjoy walking in the wilderness? If so, Bua River Lodge is the place for you. Short strolls along the river bank, longer hikes to more remote areas on the river, more strenuous all day safaris to remote and little known parts of the reserve .... the choice is yours.

Photography? The lodge and its surroundings are particularly photogenic. The owner is a keen photographer himself and is always happy to offer advice on techniques and locations.

For fishermen, during the Mpasa season, Bua River Lodge is a must.

At full moon, the Lodge and its surroundings become magical. The moon rises, huge and often red through the branches of the trees and into the darkening sky. The rocks in the river glow. The rapids shine. The landscape is monochrome but almost as bright as day. We offer special activities for those weekends when full moon is forecast – “moonriser” drinks, moonlit wilderness walks, midnight feasts by the river.

The viewing deck

Sheer relaxation

If you simply want to chill, that’s OK too. We won’t bother you! You can have as much or as little attention as you wish. But we guarantee you will not be disturbed. Each tent faces the river and no-one (apart from the occasional early morning angler, who are not known to be a noisy species!) will disturb your solitude. For Island accommodation, your personal waiter will be on hand at times of the day to suit you.