News from Bua River Lodge

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So, the long wait is almost over! African Parks has almost completed fencing of the 15,000 Ha. elephant sanctuary, enclosing Bua River Lodge, and the first elephants will be arriving in the southern part of the sanctuary tonight. This massive undertaking - transporting 250 elephants, as well as other mammals, this year alone from other parks in the country - will be the largest translocation of elephants ever.

At Bua River Lodge security of our guests is paramount. There will be stricter rules relating to movement from rooms to the lodge and away from the lodge, walking safaris will be more limited and cyclists and backpackers will no longer be allowed to cycle/walk through the reserve to get to the lodge. Please see the activities page and the camping and backpacker sections to see how this might affect you.

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Bua River Lodge 'to be within new wildlife sanctuary area' in Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

In the short time since the signing of the partnership agreement with the Malawi Government, African Parks has made great strides in beginning the process of securing Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve as a major conservation area for Malawi as well as an elephant sanctuary for this region of Africa. An almost full complement of staff with many years of excellent experience between them is in place. The game rangers have been given the resources, training and, perhaps most importantly, the incentive to begin serious anti-poaching and anti-encroachment patrols.

Excitingly for Bua River Lodge the boundary of a 15,000 Ha. fenced sanctuary has been decided and the Lodge will be included inside this fence. This means that as antelope, zebra, buffalo and perhaps as many as 500 new elephant are translocated into Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, so Bua will be one of the natural magnets for large mammals seeking water in the dry season.

The fencing contractor is due to start work early in 2016 and, if all goes according to plan, by July next year the first translocations will be taking place.

Watch this space!

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Since September 2015, Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve is now managed by African Parks. This exciting new development will mean vastly improved management of the reserve and, by mid-2016, the establishment of a sanctuary area close to Bua River Lodge that will be stocked with some 600 antelope and 300 elephants.

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We are delighted to announce that, for the second year running, we have been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. Please visit us to find out why!

We are pleased to announce that the camp site and backpackers' are now open.

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She's back ...

After a long wait, the elephants are back at Bua River Lodge. A herd of 6 or so congregated at Namndinga pool about 500 metres upstream from the lodge this afternoon (10th September) and made their way on to the Island, only 25 metres from our island B tent, from where our new guests had their first view. Then, later, as our guests were enjoying their afternoon tea at the lodge, this lone female made her way into the reed beds in front of the lodge. At first a bit nervous and frisky, she soon settled down to her own afternoon tea of reeds. She is, in fact, one member of the trio who visited us frequently last dry season. Clearly, she remembers the royal reception she was given the last time!

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The wonderfully clear, cool nights of winter are here. The skies are ablaze with stars and the Milky Way is glorious ....

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

We are delighted to announce that we have now received 50 TripAdvisor reviews, of which 40 are "Excellent" and 9 "Very Good". And, as a result of our performance, we have been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2014. Please click on the logo at the bottom of this page to read our reviews.

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The rains are over ...

... and winter is approaching.

The rains have left the Bua River running high and sparkling now in the late afternoon sun. Nightime temperatures are dropping below 20 degrees and soon it will be time to light a fire in the boma in the evening.

At this time of the year too, as the last wisps of cloud hang over the reserve, we enjoy some of the best sunsets.

Now is the time to visit .....

Overnight camping safari

Overnight camping safaris now a reality

Our first guests to take the Overnight Camping Experience loved it. Late morning we dropped them at the top end of the Bua Gorge, from where they began the hike down the gorge, stopping for a packed lunch on the way, to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

They arrived at the camp site in time for sundowners, watching the sunset over the Bvundikira Hills across the Bua River, while they sipped a cold beer.

A three course meal was prepared for them over an open fire by one of the lodge cooks. They ate dinner by the light of candles and the camp fire, lit to ward of the chilly air as we move towards winter.

In the morning, after fruit salad, full English breakfast, toast, tea and coffee, they set off downriver again, arriving tired but very happy at Bua River Lodge in time for lunch.

Did I say they loved it? Well, they enjoyed it so much that the gentleman proposed to his lady while they were there .... and she accepted!

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It doesn't always rain during the wet season!

A few clear days with showers at night. The air is scintillating, the colours unbelievable. The Bua River is full, but still sparkling. And the clarity of the late afternoons is just stunnning!